Saturday 10 October 2009

1 - To Sebastian, aged 3. October 2009

Dear Sebastian, 

We are having a lovely time on the boat.  Can you see JoJo waving?

Yesterday a big angry wasp bit her on the finger, so Papa had to save her and squashed it. She was very brave, and hardly complained at all!

We saw a green bus in town today, but there was only the driver on it.   Perhaps he was going to pick up some children at school?  What do you think?

Then we went out to the country and saw a really funny cow with big horns.  Does he look like he’s smiling at us?   We think so.

Sometimes we miss you all a lot, but then we see lots of funny little dogs who wag their tails for us, and that makes us think of Sammy.

Give Mummy and Daddy a cuddle for us won’t you, and make sure they give you one too!

Lots of love from,

JoJo and Papa