Sunday 29 August 2010

3 - To Sebastian - August 2010

Dear Sebastian,

Did you know itʼs been raining here in France?
Sometimes itʼs sunny though and we go for a ride on our bikes looking for red berries. We never find any though. Can you see any in the picture? We canʼt.

Jojo has a yellow bike and she always has a big smile.
She has a basket on her bike to put all the berries in. Maybe you are better at finding berries than we are.
We always wear helmets when we ride our bikes, they are dark grey and we think they look really cool.

They have a red light in the back of them too, and we can make it flash so buses can see us when it gets dark.

Of course when it gets dark, I take off my sunglasses!

We always keep our bikes on our boat, can you see Jojoʼs yellow bike? The top of the boat is blue, but the sides are white.

The blue things on the side are called fenders. They are like great big pillows so that if we crash into the sides of the river we wonʼt scratch the boat.

Can you count how many fenders we have? Maybe daddy can help you! Often we see little brown ducks hiding in the bushes, can you see any? How many brown ducks can you see?

Sometimes, when itʼs raining and we have to go too far to ride our bikes, we like to borrow a funny blue car with a red roof. Auntie Shelley and Uncle Julian thought it was lovely. It doesnʼt really have purple wheels, but I thought they looked really good.

Can you see Jojo waving?  The steering wheel is on the wrong side too. Can you see me driving? I am smiling because itʼs so much fun to drive the funny car.

Sometimes we see Swans on the river and we try to feed them some bread.

Do you know what a swan is? Itʼs like a very big duck but with a very very long neck.  They are always white when they grow up, but when they are babies they are grey. I ran out of grey paint so I had to draw a grown-up swan.

What colour are grown up swans do you think?

Oh, hereʼs Jojo to give me some bread now, it must be breakfast time. Have you had breakfast?

Give yourself a great big hug from us, Love Papa and Jojo.