Monday 11 July 2011

19 - To Sebastian - July 2011

Dear Sebastian,  

Yesterday we walked into a village to see if we could buy some bread, but there was no shop there, just some rickety old houses.    

Every house had beautiful colours on their shutters and windows, and as we were looking at them we noticed something strange about their front doors.

Every door had a cloth bag hanging on it.  A long thin one which we thought was just the right size to take one or two or even three loaves of bread. 

Did you remember that a loaf of bread here in France is called a baguette?
Sometime very soon, the baker would arrive to deliver bread to all the houses, so the people don’t have to go out to the shops.

Our friend Al saw a van delivering the bread, and asked the man in the van if he had some spare baguettes for us too.

The man asked us to come to the other side of the road, so we carefully looked out to see if there were any cars coming, then crossed the road.

When we got to the other side of the van, the side opened up without anyone touching it, just like Papa’s noisy door does, and inside the van was like a shop.

There were all sorts of things for sale in it, sausages and fruit and cakes and jam and cheese, and lots of baguettes.

We bought two fresh baguettes and four green bananas to share with our friends Al and Sunny.  

Weren’t we lucky to have found the van that was a shop?

Give yourself a big hug from us, and blow bubbles on Elliott’s tummy!

Love Papa and Jojo