Sunday 8 May 2011

15 To Sebastian - May 2011

Dear Sebastian,

Sometimes when we are going along a river in our boat Joyeux, we come to a waterfall!

 Oh no!

 How will we get up, we ask ourselves. Joyeux can’t climb ladders.

So we go to the ladder and Jojo climbs up. We are in a special room on the river called a lock. French people call a lock and ecluse, can you say that? It sounds a bit like “ee-cloose”. Jojo is very brave and very careful when she is climbing. She holds on to a rope to keep us still, then starts to close a really big gate. Bigger than Daddy’s garage door even.

When the gate to the ecluse is closed, the water starts to fill up the ecluse, and we go for a ride.

UP and UP we go!

Then, when we are at the top, Jojo comes back onto the boat and we wait for the big gate to open.

Perhaps if the duck flies away it will open sooner!

Now we are at the very top, and the gate is open, and the waterfall is behind us.

Off we go to explore France.

We are waving to you.

Give yourself a big hug from us, and don’t forget to blow bubbles on Elliott’s tummy!

Love Papa and Jojo

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