Friday 18 May 2012

23 - To Sebastian - May 2012

Dear Sebastian,  

Well here we are in Paris, the biggest city in France.   Do you remember the name fo the famous tower in Paris?   It was named after the man who built it, his name was Mr Eiffel.

Every day we see aeroplanes in the sky and we wonder if you and Elliott are in them coming to see us.     We don’t have to wait very long now do we?

In Paris we are in a big harbour with lots and lots of boats.  Can you see our little blue boat?

Good, then you will be able to find us when you get here.  The harbour is so big that there is a bridge for us to use to get to the other side.

Sometimes ferries come past our boat filled with happy people who wave and take photographs of us.

I think the fish have fun watching them too.

We are tied up beside a big black barge with a little red tricycle on it’s deck.    When we have to get to the shore, we have to walk over the big black barge.

The owner of the tricycle is a little girl, about as big as Lily.   We have to be specially quiet not to wake her when she’s asleep.  Sometimes we even take our shoes off to tip toe past.

Do you think the fish is laughing at my funny green socks?

Give yourself a big hug from us, and tickle Elliott for us too!
Love Papa and Jojo

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