Tuesday 8 July 2014

25- Sebastian, Lily and Elliott - July 2014

Dear Sebastian, Elliott and Lily,

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve sent a story to you, but we have been having a wonderful time travelling around in France.

Do you remember on our boat, the doors are very low and Papa is too tall?! Sometimes he bangs his head as he goes through them. He says “ouch!” and rubs it with his hand to make it feel better.

Yesterday as we were travelling in our boat we saw a big fish swimming very fast past us. He mustn’t have been concentrating, because he swam right into a brick wall and made a huge splash!

 We wondered if he said “Dam!”

He didn't look very well afterwards, and we were sure he must have had a big lump on his head.

How would a fish rub the lump on his head?

 Give everyone a hug from us,

Love Jojo and Papa.

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