Saturday 26 July 2014

28 - to Sebastian, Lily and Elliott - July 2014

Dear Sebastian, Elliott and Lily, 

Do you remember the big bike race we watched two weeks ago?   Well it’s still going!   It should finish today in Paris.  They have raced for such a long time I’ll bet everyone is really tired.

It was such fun standing on a small hill and waiting for the race to come to us though.

The first thing we saw was a helicopter way up in the sky, then we saw two more, then waaaay over in the distance we saw a blur of coloured things moving along the road very quickly.

They were all the bikes racing towards us. 

There were a lot of them.  Nearly two hundred bikes!   Sebastian knows how many two hundred are, I wonder if Lilly and Elliott do.    

They were going so quickly that we really couldn’t see anyone except the first few.   Do you remember which rider gets to wear the yellow jersey?

That’s right, the person in the lead.

They were going so fast that every bike had passed us by the time Jojo could count to twenty.

Because the cyclists are racing all day, they can’t stop to eat so they have some people whose job it is to give them food in special bags.    

The racers don’t even slow down to pick up the bags, because they don’t want anyone to pass them.

As the riders are racing along, they take the food from the bags and put it in all their pockets to eat later, then they throw the empty bags away so they don’t get in the way when they are racing.

Everyone thinks the bags are great souvenirs, so there is a race to pick them up. 

One rider threw a bag right into Papa’s lap while he was taking photographs, so now we have a bicycle lunch bag in our collection too!

Don’t forget to give everyone a big hug from us,


Papa and Jojo

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