Saturday 9 August 2014

30 - To Elliott, Lily and Sebastian - August 2014

Dear Lily, Elliott and Sebastian, 

These people are our friends Martin and Tracy.  Can you see how happy they are?  

They live on a boat.  Look how low the window is, they can touch the water without leaning over very far at all!

Their boat is very long.

It’s so long that I could only fit half of it in this drawing.

They have two little dogs, one brown one and one black one and they love to come out and welcome us very loudly when we come to visit.

This very long boat is a special kind of boat.  Can you guess what these special very long boats are called?

No, you’d never guess!   

They are also very narrow.  They are so narrow that Papa couldn’t lie down sideways in them, and Elliott’s bed wouldn’t fit across the top.

Hang on tight Elliott!  Don’t fall in the water!

Now can you guess what the name of these special boats is?  

I think you can, its called a NARROW BOAT!

Narrow boats are specially made for England where some of the canals are really really narrow, and they are made to fit into them.

All of the furniture is down one side of the boat, and they have to be very long so that it all fits in a neat row.

You’d have to be a very tidy person to live in a narrow boat.  If you left a mess on the floor there would be nowhere to walk.

Give everyone a hug from us, 


Jojo and Papa

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