Monday 15 May 2017

33 - To Sebastian, Lily, Elliott, and Alby - May 2017

Dear Sebastian, Lily, Elliott, and Alby

Well it’s been a long time since the last letter hasn’t it?

Do you know that we went to the Netherlands this year?  

The Netherlands is also called Holland  and it’s a very flat and very windy country and in the old days it was famous for its windmills.   It still is really, but there are not too many of the old kinds of windmill left but they are are great thing to see with the wind turning their sails.  They are used to pump water and also to grind up grain.

Holland is also famous for it’s very colourful crops.  Do you know what they are?

Did anyone say Carrots?

I didn't think so, because the colourful crops are FLOWERS!!!   

All sorts of flowers, there are Daffodils too but the most famous of all are Tulips!  We went to a special park near a city called Amsterdam and saw bazillions of tulips in every colour you can imagine.  Not just red ones.

Do you know that there is a new kind of windmill in Holland now?  They are called wind turbines and because there is a lot of wind, they are used to make electricity.    Because there is a lot of wind, they make a lot of electricity that way.   They are really really giant things too.   Can you imagine how far ninety metres is?   Well that’s how big some of the biggest blades on the turbines are!

Look at how tiny the cars look on the roads.

Oh, and Alby, there’s a drawing of a chicken just for you!

Give everyone a big hug for us!


Jojo and Papa

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