Wednesday 20 October 2010

10 - To Sebastian Happy 4th Birthday! - October 2010

 Dear Sebastian,  

We were in Paris today and we saw the Eiffel Tower.  It’s a really tall building that is very famous.

It looks like the number one, and when we saw it we thought:

“Is Sebastian ONE?”


It was very cold in Paris, we had two coats on and two scarves.
Jojo looks quite big because she also has two singlets and two shirts and two jumpers under her two coats and two pairs of pants too.
We thought,
“Is Sebastian TWO soon?”

Then we went to London and we saw a blue car with three people in it.

There were three red buses too, and we thought:

“Is Sebastian THREE?”


We walked past a cake shop and when we looked in the window we saw four very pretty cakes.

They looked delicious and we thought:

“Is Sebastian FOUR?”


He’s FOUR today!


Give yourself a great big hug from us, and ask Mummy to give you a special birthday kiss and Daddy to give you a special birthday tickle,

Love Papa and Jojo

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