Friday 22 October 2010

11 - To Sebastian October 2010

Dear Sebastian,  

Well we are in London again with Auntie Shelley and Uncle Jules.

Did you know that London is where the Queen lives?   She wears a very fancy hat with a special name.  Can you remember what it’s called?

That’s right, it’s a crown!  You knew that didn’t you?

Did you know that Mummy used to live in London?

The Queen has lots of guards and some of them wear funny hats made of fur.  They are very tall but they look very warm.

When a guard is at work he stands very, very still and doesn’t talk to anyone and tries to look very serious all day.

How long can you stand still without making even a little noise?

Some men wear funny black hats to work too, they are very round like the bowls mummy makes cakes with, and have very small brims because the sun doesn’t shine very often.

They are called Bowler Hats, and they keep heads quite warm because it can get very cold here.

I don’t think this man likes being out in the cold.

I think my favourite hat in London is the Policeman’s Helmet.   Policemen here are called Bobbies.

Their helmets are very tall and quite hard so that if a Bobby bumps his head it won’t hurt.

Have you noticed that in all the pictures the sky is grey?  It’s often grey in London so people don’t need to have big hats to stop the sun burning their faces.  

We can hardly wait to see you at home next week with a big blue sky and a bright yellow sun, not at all like London!   I’ll bet you’ll be smiling.

Do you still have your red and blue hat?  Papa thinks that was the best hat ever.
Perhaps you have a new hat now that is just as good.

We are very excited now that we will be seeing you soon, and can hardly wait for a big cuddle, but for now,

Give yourself a great big hug from us,

Love Papa and Jojo

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