Sunday 10 October 2010

8 - To Sebastian October 2010

Dear Sebastian,  

We sometimes live in a harbour tied up beside a big red barge.  A barge is an old boat which used to carry lots of things like a big truck does, but this one has been made into a house.

Wow it’s big!   Can you see our little blue boat.   Do you remember how many fenders we have on each side?

The barge is very pretty though, it is red with a white cabin and it has a special flag on it.

The flag is the flag of France, it is red, white and blue and is very easy to draw!  

Can you see the captain on it?  His name is Patrice.  He is very friendly and clever.

He can speak in a lot of different languages so we can understand him even though he doesn’t come from our country.

Patrice has a wonderful moustache which curls up at the ends and goes round and round in a circle.

I’m sure if he went out in the rain it would get all wet and go floppy and his hair would get all floppy too.

He thinks so too, so when it’s raining, he puts a shopping bag over his head so that his moustache doesn’t get wet.

Jojo thinks that’s quite funny, but Papa thinks he’s very sensible.  

What do you think?

Give yourself a great big hug from us,

Love Papa and Jojo

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