Saturday 30 October 2010

12 - To Sebastian - October 2010

Dear Sebastian,  

Do you remember all the ways we have gone places while we have been away?

We rode our bikes lots and lots, do you remember the colours?

Jojo has a yellow bike, and Papa has a white one.

We never did find any red berries on the bushes, did you?

Then we stayed for long while on our blue boat with five big pillows on the side.

No, they aren’t pillows are they?  They are called fenders.  

Did you find the five ducks hiding in the bushes?

Of course our favourite car was the little blue car with the red roof.

I smiled and smiled when I drove that one.   

I wonder who is waving out of the other window?

We went on the rocket train quite a lot too.  

We really like going fast on it.  One day we will take you for a ride on it too.

Now we are on a great big aeroplane coming home to see you!

When you wake up tomorrow, it will be almost time for us to come home.  Perhaps it will be after breakfast, and after morning tea, but before lunch when you will see us smiling because we can see you!

There’s no need to give yourself a great big hug this time, because you have to save it up to give it to us,

Love Papa and Jojo

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